August 06, 2014

Aptivaa is pleased to announce its partnership with Intricity LLC, USA whereby both the entities will offer their services around BCBS 239 on Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting, Data Governance & Management, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

Aptivaa offers risk consulting, implementation and analytical services to Banks and Financial Institutions across the globe. Aptivaa has the relevant experience, resources, understanding of business requirements, and an expertise in delivering high quality risk management solutions globally. At Aptivaa, we also possess and provide highly-experienced subject matter experts who advise on development and implementation of the Risk Management frameworks.

INTRICITY is a specialized Data Management consulting firm, with offices located across the USA and Headquarters in New York City. Our team of experts has implemented in a variety of Industries including, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and others. INTRICITY is uniquely positioned as a partner to the business that deeply understands what makes the data tick.

Both the parties have come together to form this strategic relationship to jointly develop and market their expertise, tools, methodologies and resources in the areas of Data Management for servicing the needs of BFSI segment, particularly the ones revolving around Master Data Management and implementation of BCBS 239 (Risk Data Aggregation Principles) and other services such as

    Data Governance Programs
    Master Data Management
    Enterprise Data Warehousing
    Data Marts
    Business Intelligence
    Information Lifecycle Management
    Data Profiling / Data Quality

Sandip Mukherjee, Co-founder and COO of Aptivaa Consulting, said that ‘this partnership with Intricity would help Aptivaa broaden their offerings in the market with particular focus on Data Management, thus expanding the value addition to its existing as well as new clients, within the financial risk management domain’.

Being cheerful about the new relationship, Jared Hillam, EIM Practice Director, Intricity said that ‘the partnership could bring great value to the company by simplifying complexities (slogan of the company) in the EMEA market, which is a philosophy underlying Aptivaa’s established business in Financial Risk Management domain. Along with Aptivaa, we can potentially turn the business or risk data management challenges understandable to the business along with improvements in the IT infrastructure and Data Management initiatives of the Financial Institutions.’”

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