March 23, 2016

Mr. Sandip Mukherjee - Cofounder & COO, Aptivaa delivered a keynote session on "IFRS-9 Implications & Challenges" at GARP Istanbul Chapter.  

IFRS9, the latest buzzword in the banking industry, poses tremendous challenges in terms of guideline interpretations, methodology development, provisions impact as well as disclosures. The session covered the following issues: What are the key requirements and challenges? As the deadline to comply to IFRS9 approaches, how well are banks in Turkey prepared to implement it? What should be the ideal architecture for IFRS9? How can banks leverage the existing credit risk tools & framework? What is the role of auditors & regulators?

Aptivaa extends its sincerest thanks to Dr. Recep Bildik - GARP Istanbul Chapter Director & Director-Istanbul Stock Exchange for making this valuable opportunity available to us.