A Data Lineage exercise is endeavored to trace each data attribute to the source system as well as the end user systems, with the objective of mapping data flow, processing methods and reporting format of information. We can assist enterprises in successfully developing data lineage through specific tools or through a manual process, as the scale calls for.

Our Data Lineage methodology includes the following key attributes:

  • Tracing Process: To identify data fields for sources, systems, types, data transformation rules and their periodicity
  • Recording Data Lineage: Storage of the data lineage information on schema, along with its associated attributes and relationship details
  • Reporting Lineage: Review and reporting of metadata repository, including reports providing path descriptors and related mapping information on demand 
The conclusive phase of the exercise calls for validation of individual connection details, analysing relevant files within data connection architecture. The validation exercise is managed by an overarching data lineage maintenance methodology, serving as a quality assurance with periodic reviews and comprehensive testing.