Effective risk identification starts with appropriate monitoring and management of the portfolio. A process should be in place to ensure that the portfolio is evaluated in timely fashion and that appropriate changes are made anytime there is a significant occurrence. For such a timely evaluation of the risk through portfolio management, active role of management is recommended and management in turn require a comprehensive view of portfolio through standardized reporting to do so.

For this purpose, Aptivaa brings in its experience in portfolio management and reporting gained over years across wide spectrum of geographies. Some of the key requirements for effective portfolio management as identified by Aptivaa are:

  • Defining the portfolio to be managed
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of the individuals and groups needed for portfolio management
  • Ensuring structured quality data
  • Establishing key metrics for performance measurement
  • Accurately linking data with comprehensive reporting framework
Aptivaa has designed accelerators such as “Early Warning Framework” to facilitate portfolio management, identify and assess risk, and gain lead time through early warning system.