A number of process workflow related initiatives flounder because of inadequate investment in identifying objectives and opportunities across infrastructure, management and control.The inordinate focus on technology solutions displaces the investment needed in defining the Target Operating Model right at the outset.

Existing process optimisation frameworks are time consuming and iterative, reliant on trial and error rather than a scientific approach. It eventually falls short of meeting the objectives of the program or the initiative leaving business users frustrated and the technology solution becoming a white elephant. 

Aptivaa presentsits own Workflow OptimisationFramework, to de-risk such initiatives. Our framework is an algorithm driven solution to design financial service operational models. It provides a construct for analyzing and optimizing processes across components of Process, Risk, Costs, Infrastructure, Teams and Scale.

Our Workflow Optimization framework has a unique ability to combine all elements of the operational equation into a single platform, providing a neutral, unified, data driven analytics framework for the target operating model.