Our suite of offerings for ERM frameworks, also include focused solutions for ensuring compliance to the COSO ERM framework. With clear definitions on risk management components and management principles, COSO risk management framework’s guidance principles have provided direction for ERM for FIs and non-financial entities alike.

Aptivaa has successfully assisted with implementation of COSO framework, providing risk management tools and ensuring implementation of risk management practices along the following principles:

Governance, objective setting and risk performance

  • Developing Risk Management Policies and Governance principles encompassing all the business activities
  • Establishing operational performance measurement tools for reporting and facilitating effective feedback based on pre-defined triggers
  • Ensuring coverage of entire lifecycle of risk across objective setting, event identification, risk assessment and response 

Internal Controls, communication and monitoring

  • Distinct, inter-linked controls across all levels of the organization: Enterprise, Division, Business unit and process level
  • Design of Internal Controls for Risk and Financial Reporting
  • Reporting and Monitoring tools integrated with organizational design, providing appropriate feedback to relevant stakeholders
Professionals from our global talent ensure a smooth transition, from the design stage to implementation of the principles, effectively ensuring fulfilment of the risk management strategy as well as compliance to the regulatory requirements.