Multiple regulations such as IFRS9, Basel II/III, IFRS9, Dodd Frank, are impacting the entire risk management reporting landscape. Financial Institutions need to continuously redefine their business in light of these regulations and invest in IT to meet these regulations. It also entails consequent knowledge of different data systems to pull out data for regular reporting requirements.

Aptivaa can simplify the task of creating regulatory reports for banks and provide independent assurance in preparing reporting submissions. Across sectors or regions, size or geographic reach, we offer both localand global knowledge of regulatory guidelines and data requirements of reporting.

Aptivaa has the flexibility to create state of the art reporting tools based on different regulations, which will generate pre-defined automated reports for regulatory compliance.

We will use our reporting tools and expertise to extract data, carry out data processing, generate reports, build reconciliation checks and prepare the report in a regulator prescribed template, thereby precious saving time for banks in periodic regulatory report preparation.